Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ilonggo 101

Yesterday, while on my way home on a cab, I called home for Rose to help me carry the groceries I just bought. I was talking to her in Ilonggo, and after the conversation, the driver asked me instantly from where I was. So I told him I'm from Iloilo. Surprisingly, he's from Capiz, the province beside Iloilo with the same language. That just goes to show that Ilonggas and Ilonggos are dominating Manila! Bwahaha... Jok Lang!

Anyway, eto mga ilonggo words na kelangan mong matutunan:

Bu-ang: Baliw

Putyong: Supot (uncircumcised)

Agi: Bakla

Mangô: Bobo

In-tô: Uto-uto


kwan said...

mayad nga blog ah. nakahapit lang ko ah. i link ta guro ay.

StarScream said...

hehe tenks sigi link ta man ka :D