Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tambuli Resort, Cebu

Cebu is known for its beaches and diving spots. While I had my vacation in Cebu for the summer, we went to Tambuli Resort, in Mactan Island. It has one of the nicest beaches I know. Its waters are flourishing with all the wonders of nature: schools of fish and sea weeds. It is also great for kids as it's very shallow. And there is little risk of stepping on those sharp shells because the waters are carpeted with the sea weeds. The crystal blue waters combined with the fresh sea breeze will definitely make your summer escapade worth it all.

Entrance is Php200 plus Php 150 for an eat-all-you-can buffet.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Phil. Taoist Temple, Cebu

If you're in Cebu, you have got to visit their Beverly Hills, home of the Philippine Taoist Temple. Upon reaching the temple, you will be mesmerized with the amazing view of Cebu City and be captivated by the windy, fresh atmosphere. The place is so peaceful and serene that you can't help but feel so holy every time you face the altar.

The Philippine Taoist temple has been one of the many tourist attractions in Cebu. They have a small version of what seems to be the Great Wall of China, and they also have this gigantic dragon structure where lots of visitors take their pictures.

Also don't miss the MA-CHO Temple... a temple for the macho-wannabes in the world, just like Marc hehe:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AT&T's Pinoy endorser

This guy didn't pass the American Idol 2008 auditions. But he sure made an impression.

Ronaldo Lapuz is a 45 year old Nevada-based Filipino who wrote the song "We Are Brothers" and auditioned with this song for American Idol 2008. Simon Cowell was entertained by him, even remarking that his song could be a hit. Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul joined him on the platform as he sang those repetitive lines of "I am your brother, your best friend forever, Singing the songs, The music that you love... Brothers til the end of time, Together or not You’re always in my heart, You hurt your feelings And you will rain on mine... I love you brother!" Add to that, Ryan Seacrest from outside also came in and joined the trio dancing on the platform! What a sight it was!

And now he performed on stage for millions of viewers across the globe with his original composition and his extravagant costume during the American Idol season finale! His performance was crazy! He went out of tune, out of rhythm, and from a music major perspective, it was horrible! But it was so entertaining that for the second time, Randy, Paula, and Ryan joined him on the stage to sing "We Are Brothers!" It was his moment of glory!

Despite being labeled as the Pinoy William Hung (who did a rather gutsy "She Bangs" in the past American Idol season), I didn't feel embarrassed at all when I saw this guy perform during the American Idol season finale. When I heard about William Hung, I felt bad for the guy because #1) He was too ambitious hahaha; #2) his voice is irritating; #3) he was too stiff. But I have to admire him for his guts. Ronaldo Lapuz is different. #1) His voice is tolerable (but he goes out of tune once in a while); #2) He is very humble (He even thanked Simon for allowing him to sing to the world and spread his message of Peace); #3) He is original! And he also has lots of guts!

So much guts that AT&T has even asked him to endorse their product! Here are his videos:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Krua Thai, Cebu

One of the highlights of our trip to Cebu was the last dinner before leaving for Manila at Krua Thai. We got to experience Thailand food in the middle of Pinas, who'd have thought of that? I haven't seen the restaurant here in Manila yet, so I don't have any basis of comparison. But all in all, here are the things that amazed me about the Krua Thai:

1. Food = Yummy. You have got to try their Tom Yam soup for a spicy, tingly start
2. Restaurant ornaments: from the draperies, to the "big faces" hanging by the wall, to the jewel-studded classic images of Thailand.
3. Inverted umbrellas = one of a kind. The umbrellas hanging upside-down on the ceiling is a marvel to watch.
4. Eccentric Jars & glasses (goblets): The kind usually found in King Arthur movies or during the height of the Knights' reign. Very cool!

If you plan to go to Cebu, don't miss this. Krua Thai is at:
Unit K Crossroad Mall, Banilad, Cebu.
Tel No. : +63(32) 231-8338
Fax : +63(32) 231-8338

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kagura: Japanese Style Restaurant

If you're looking for a good Japanese restaurant in Cebu, then you can't miss Kagura at A.S.Fortuna St. Banilad, Mandaue City. The place itself is very nice, with bamboo floors and bamboo walls with kimonos hanging on the walls and traditional Japanese umbrellas adding a homey feel. You get to experience the Japanese way of eating while kneeling (seiza), but for people who aren't used to this, you can just sit in whatever manner you want to. So take off your shoes, slip on those sandals (provided by the restaurant) and find a comfy place to sit and enjoy your meal.

Expect to be served with great authentic Japanese food served in bento boxes with matching chop-sticks. Best of all, they serve a WIDE variety of Japanese meals, not just the usual maki/sushi/tempura/rice toppings that *some* Japanese restaurants offer. They also serve Sake (Japanese rice wine) for those who are curious as to how it tastes. All in all, you'll really feel as if you were in Japan.

Unfortunately, when we went there, there was a rodent patrolling the place hahaha. But we were already in bliss after having finished our meal when we found that out so we didn't really mind. Hopefully, the restaurant team does something about it or else their sales will greatly be affected.

So if you're looking for a taste of Japan in Cebu, don't ever miss Kagura.