Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yosi Boys sa Sidewalk

Haynako bad trip tong mga tao na mahilig magyosi habang naglalakad sa kalsada. Kala mo sa kanila yung daanan, buga lang ng buga kung kelan nila gusto. Hindi ba nila alam may mga tao na nasa likod nila na sakam na sakam lahat ng binubuga nilang usok!?!

Bad trip talaga pag may makasabay ako sa umaga na nasa harap ko at nagyoyosi kasi lahat ng usok nila eh nalalanghap ko. Masakit na nga sa ilong, masakit pa sa mata!! Alam ba nila ang konsepto ng "downstream" ha!?! Aynako sana naman maging considerate ang mga tao at wag na magyosi habang naglalakad kasi kawawa ang mga nasa likuran nila!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I've been wanting a vacation ever since that La Union trip... Lately it has just been so stressful. Not exactly from the work I do, but from the pretending-I'm-working situations at work. Ano daw? What I'm trying to say is that my work isn't challenging anymore. Everyday, it's all just the same routine, the same stuff to do, the same files to work on, the same people to contact... It's just so monotonous. Who would have thought that no-brainer jobs can be stressful for someone who's used to fast-paced, critical situations? I thought these jobs would be my personal paradise because I won't have to overwork my brain anymore. But I guessed wrong. My job is boring... too boring that one of my biggest problems everyday is on how to make myself busy the entire day.

Should I go on another vacation again? I'm going to Singapore with my sister in two weeks -- partial vacation. My officemate also offered another possible vacation spot that I am most tempted to join. *Sigh* Should I go for it? Despite being broke? Hahaha. Here are the details anyway, you guys might be interested:

Event Date: Mar 29-30 (Ride 1)

* overnight accommodation
* roundtrip aircon transpo (tourist bus)
* half-day wakeboarding rental with gears
* breakfast meal on DAY 2
* side trips: Eco Village (Bird's Aviary, Gazebo, Chicken Farm), Market, Deer Farm at Ocampo
* with WI-FI internet at Eco-lodge & Coffeeshoppe area
* amenities: game room, swimming pool, skate park
* paid entrance fees
* night swimming

First Come, First Serve! Payment is required. Complete payment procedure will be given upon receiving your reg form.

2900 - those who are staying at an AIRCON studio type rooms with own bathroom, dining area/terrace (21 pax)
2700 - those who are staying at an AIRCON cabin w/ common bath & restroom with hot & cold shower (20 pax) -- reserve for Leia's group
2500 - those who are staying at a FAN cabin w/ common bath & restroom with hot & cold shower (7 pax)

Draft Itinerary:
Mar 28, Friday
9-930PM Meeting Time at Mcdo QAve (giving of IDs)
10:00PM ETD Manila

Mar 29, Saturday
8:30AM ETA Naga City
9-1030AM Naga Public Market/ Pasalubong Buy
10:30AM Brunch at Bigby's Cafe
11:30AM ETD Naga
12:00NN ETD Resort
12:30PM Prepare to leave to wakeboard facility
01:00-05:00PM Wakeboard Lesson
06:00PM Dinner at the resort

Mar 30, Sunday
08:00AM Breakfast at the resort
09:00AM Eco Village Tour/Free Time/Swimming
11:00AM Check-out
11:30AM Lunch at the Resort
12:30PM ETD CamSur Resort
01:30PM ETA Deer Farm
02:30PM ETD Cam Sur

Mar 31, Monday
01:30AM ETA Manila

Pls send all your inquiries and registration form to Pls edit your subject to: Camsur '08: Mar 29-30 and indicate what package price are you reserving for.

Their website is:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ilonggo 101

This week's words describe the physical conditions of people:

SungĂ®: I don't know the tagalog term for this (hairlip)
Libat: Duling (cross-eyed)
Bungol: Bingi (deaf)
Pi-Ang: Pilay (crippled)
Putot: Pandak (short)
Tambok: Mataba (fat)
Niwang: Payat (thin)
Bunguton: Ma-bigote (bearded)
Higku: Madumi (dirty)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Watering Hole @ Shangri La Ortigas

If you're looking for a cool place to chill out after a day's work, and it so happens that your workplace is in Ortigas area, then look no more! Watering Hole at the Shangri La Plaza, Ortigas is the perfect place for you! It offers great food at a reasonable cost, and great music for free! Here are Pam, Joel, Marc and I enjoying the place:

If you're one of those stingy customers, you can choose to stay outside the resto and enjoy the traffic, the buses, and the commotion from EDSA. But for just a 100 bucks, you can go inside, enjoy the music performed by the band of the day, and dance all you like! Truly this place will be your stress reliever after a tiresome day.

For more information, here are the details of the resto:

Mobile: (0917) 824 2332

634 0288

634 0284



Ground Flr. Carpark Bldg,
Shangrila Plaza Mall,
Mandaluyong City

Or you may visit their website at: