Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Erap Found Guilty

Today marks another memorable date on the Philippine calendar: Erap's Judgment day. Earlier this morning, former President Joseph Estrada was found GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt of plunder, and has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, his son Senator Jinggoy Estrada and his lawyer Eduardo Serapio were acquitted of their crimes. And though the six-year trial for the former leader has finally been decided, the perjury case against Erap was dismissed, thus allowing him to stay at his resthouse until further notice.

I fear we might expect some turmoil from the crowd, especially the masa who have embraced the ex-President with open arms despite the accusations. Will this spur another EDSA revolution? Or will the masses just accept the fact that their 'hero' is not who they thought he was?

I doubt it. There are a lot of die-hard Erap fans out there, people who admire him not for being a good leader, but for his past as an action star. Sometimes Filipinos can be so gullible, and sometimes they just don't think. Or it may be because they are so passionate that their emotions cloud their thoughts. And so I don't think we'll hear the end of this anytime soon. I'm sure there's more to come.

Photo courtesy of www.inquirer.net


sarah said...

yeah you're right pats! Grabe ka emotional sang Pinoy nga kis-a nadala na lang sang emotion ang decisions. Pasensya lang sa mga Erap lovers out there pero I find him hypcorite. Hambal hambal sya nga indi sya magbaton anything, bisan pardon from the government kay para lang kuno sa mga guilty ang pardon pero ano bala subong, open na sya kuno to the idea of amnesty. And he wants to make sure nga acceptance of the said amnesty will not signify nga GUILTY sya. Kita mo lang na! Before the verdict was given, sagay sya kahambal nga ready na sya to accept the decision sang Sandiganbayan, bisan mag spend the rest of his life sa Muntinlupa pero ano bala ang guina hambal nya subong. If indi pagsuguran nga hatagan sang insakto nga penalty ang mga corrupt nga officials, I don't think na makambyo ang sitwayson sang Pilipinas nga puno sang corrupt nga officials.

Hehehe... enough na sa akon nga sentimiento ah. Kamusta ka na dira pats? Si sarah ni gali :)

StarScream said...

hahaha hi sarah! indi ka man gid akig sa sulat mo ha? =P

pero it's nice to know that people like us still actually think and not just get swayed by emotions! :)

Philwebservices said...

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