Monday, July 23, 2007

Ilonggo 101

Okay, so you want to learn Iloilo's local dialect? FYI, it's actually called Hiligaynon, but most people don't know that so they just call it "ilonggo." Here are some words that I've heard around, and I've seen being used by some establishments here in Manila:

Note: (F) = Filipino; (E) = English

Namit: (F) Masarap; (E) Delicious
e.g.: Namit ang ice cream.
(F) Masarap ang ice cream.
(E) Ice cream is delicious.

Ka-on: (F) Ka-in; (E) Eat
e.g.: Ka-on na ta!
(F) Kain na tayo!
(E) Let's eat!

Gwapa: (F) Maganda; (E) Pretty
e.g.: Ka-gwapa sa imo.
(F) Ang ganda mo.
(E) You're pretty.

Law-ay: (F) Pangit; (E) Ugly
e.g.: Law-ay akon balay.
(F) Ang pangit ng bahay ko.
(E) My house is ugly.

Ambot: (F) Ewan; (E) no specific word... but often times used as "I don't know" or "Whatever"
e.g.: Ambot sa imo!
(F) Ewan ko sa yo!
(E) Whatever!

OR: Ambot, wala ko kabalo.
(F): Ewan ko, hindi ko alam.
(E): I don't know the answer.

Till next post!

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Lia Amanda said...

I love your Ilonggo Vocab posts, hahaha.

My boyfriend's Ilonggo and they speak Ilonggo sometimes at home so this is very helpful! :)

He was born in Manila though, but his mom is from Iloilo :)