Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goodbye Iloilo..

Okay, so I'm back again from my 5-day "vacation" in Iloilo. I'll miss the my family, friends, the food, the ambiance, the lazy, long days, the crazy number of taxis, the place. But before ako mag-drama parti sa akon banwa, I just want to share what Iloilo offered me during my stay there. Here are some highlights:

Iloilo Airport: WOW! It was already dark when we arrived, but I could see the wonderful arches and glass windows that make up the airport. Syempre, everything's new. And from what I heard, they constructed the airport according to international standards, despite the fact na it's for domestic flights only. It's a really really REALLY nice airport.

Trivia about the airport: Naga-bais ang Cabatuan kag Sta. Barbara kun sin-o gid bala ang home sang airport. Officially, sa Cabatuan soil sya, but ang road naga extend sa Sta. Barbara. Either way, pareho sila malayo sa syudad huhuhu.

Other Airport Facts (From
WIKI): The airport is located nineteen kilometers northwest of Iloilo City on a 188-hectare site between the municipalities of Cabatuan and Santa Barbara, with the main entrance and airport access road in Santa Barbara and the rest of the airport infrastructure in Cabatuan. It is only one of two international airports in the Visayas, the other being Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu City, and the first international airport built on the island of Panay.

Mama Maria's Pizza:

BIG! As in, may 32" pizza sila, and we were tempted to get that, but there were only 5 of us so we got the 20" pizza instead. Haha, good thing about it though is that it's really thin, that's why indi masyado maka-bulusog. But still, the 20" pizza already occupied half of the table. The 32" could probably occupy the entire table. Haha.

FOOD - Paprika and Blue Jay:

Food was so-so at Paprika, but the band who was playing there was really good. They're a bunch of oldies who play old rock music, but they rock. Bohemian Rhapsody! Hehehe. Astig, sadya sila mag perform. May music blending and kung anu-ano pa nga che-che bureche sa ila songs. I don't know the name of the band, though. Nugon :(

Blue Jay desserts and drinks - pambato sa Starbaks, Syattols Best, Tsiskeyk Paktory, kag kung anu-ano pa. Namit I swear! Gusto ko pa ang Raspberry Tea nila (thanks to my friend Dexter), and the cakes and ice cream... heavenly! Tani may ara man diri sa Manila, barato sya ya eh, compared sa mga above-mentioned shops. Oh well. If you happen to visit Iloilo, don't miss this shop. It's located at SmallVille, Diversion Road. :)

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palagpat said...

its the 90s binhi band. they really rock... been to paprika last year and i hope its still there when i come home.