Sunday, June 22, 2008

Frank hits Iloilo the hardest

Last weekend, typhoon Frank ravages Iloilo and submerges the province, making this event the worst tragedy in Iloilo's history. I couldn't help but feel so helpless with the situation. I am here in Manila, safe while the city I grew up in is literally like an ocean.

I couldn't contact my parents last weekend because the phone lines were dead, and even if I were to call them via mobile phone, the power supply was also dead and thus, the minute they ran out of batteries, they were unreachable. Fortunately, they were safe despite the heavy rain and strong winds, and our backyard flooded up to the knees.

My prayers and thoughts go to the families and friends who have been victims of this horrible tragedy. I have yet to hear from my friends there. I really hope they are safe.

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