Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ilongga Goes to Cebu

We went to Cebu to visit Lorrie last April 18, 2008. We're very grateful for her and her family's hospitality. Despite our short stay, we were able to enjoy, relax, and pig out! We had a taste of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food in a span of 4 days. And of course, the ever masarap Lechon. Salamat salamat kay Lorrie for the very very warm welcome. :)

Just a few things we did while we were in Cebu:

Coffee and liquor nights; Tambuli Beach; Crash course on Chocolate molding; Food Trip (especially the rat at Kagure resto hehe); Beverly Hills hike (O di ba, meron din BH sa Cebu!) sa Taoist Temple; Pa-importante sa Airport wahaha (we were informed that the flight was delayed so we waited at the Waterfront Casino. Luckily we went back 30 minutes ahead of time, only to find out we were being called by the Airlines because we were the only remaining passengers who haven't boarded yet hehe. Natupad ang pangarap naming magpa-importante sa eroplano!!)

I'll probably blog about them some time in the next few days.

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